Targeting Clients

Footfall has decreased in most towns, you can see by boarded up shops for rent, so it always amazes me how shops owners say things like "we never leaflet" or "people know where we are if they need anything".

Out of town shopping and internet sales have risen dramatically, reducing some towns to a fraction of what they used to be. I often see shops with more staff than customers, so how can we help?

Sometimes a leaflet through the door just is not enough. Sometimes the shop owner is blinkered and just does not get it.

Everyone knows where the chain companies are, McDonalds, Tesco, Asda, in fact every large brand. Does this mean they do not advertise? Hell no! They push and push, making their brand and what they do foremost in your mind so the first thing you think about when shopping for a particular item is them. They advertise new products, lower prices, special deals, you name it.

So why not smaller shops? Why not the industrial units which often have the ability to offer a bargain or service, but have almost zero footfall?.

The business with the attitude of "we do ok selling over the internet so don't need locals". You are based in a town of over 10,000 homes and you would rather sell over the internet where you have to package things up, wait for the courier and hope to god your items arrive in one piece and if they don't, arrange for the courier to collect that item, return it to you, for you to replace and send back to the customer who lives hundreds of miles away, rather than sell to a local who comes to you, sees what they want and takes it away. Do both!

Estate Agents
The definite number one to get you going.

Most estate agents leaflet, some more than others but guess who is more successful :)

If we have a shared run going out and have a space left, ITs highly likely that space will be filled with an estate agent within ten minutes of our email newsletter.

Its common for at least 10,000 Solus leaflets being delivered per month for Estate Agents

In fact, if you are starting small, then you could probably make a living just by offering a good service to this industry.

As mentioned earlier, the hardest part is getting to speak to the decision maker of any business. Once there, you can explain the service you provide and have a fair chance of converting the meeting into a client.

All Shops/Units
Post your leaflet, Sundays, evenings or early morning (not open hours)

Make a note of the places you have delivered, see how many are online and note any web and email address.

Market Research
If you have found a local email address rather than one that points to a head office, then send an introductory email. Point out the fact that there are x amount of competitors in the town and there are x amount of homes in their area that are potentially untapped. Make it personal to their business. Put the benefits of dealing with your business (the fact that you have taken the time to produce personal figures should peek any interest). Don't waffle, keep it short and to the point. Bullet points are good. Remember to keep a note of who you are emailing and let them know you will remove them from your target list if they require (normally by replying to your email with REMOVE in the subject line). If they do not answer but also do not send a remove notice, do not despair, they may have to talk to others in their business before getting back to you. Add them to your newsletter email list.

Small Shops
Check for customers, do not expect anyone to talk to you if customers are present. Go in, introduce yourself, hand them your business card or even your leaflet. If they say they are not interested, ask if they would rather be sent details over email.

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