It is fairly easy and straight forward to find people to apply to fill the role of a delivery team member.

Gumtree, The Job Center and even a card at your local post office/ newsagent can work, but we will take an example of an advert we placed in our local town job center.

In three hours we had over 40 calls, yes 40! I had to cancel the advert due to so many calls.

The good thing about the job center website ( is that it has a good reach and is one of the first places people look at when searching for a job, you will find other job sites (Indeed etc) will also list the job automatically.

The negative thing about this approach is that although you get a lot of calls, you feel applicants calling from the job center are being made to call rather than want to.

Total taken on out of the forty, just one!

Here are a few comments from people who said they wanted work:

"I will come for an interview if you pay for my time and my petrol"


"I will only work for you if you pay cash in hand"

You are paid as self employed, you are responsible for tax and NI.

"I will only deliver to terraced homes without hills"

I am sure you would, Goodbye!

"I am not carrying a tracker, I don’t want to be watched, who do you think you are? Big Brother?

Name any other job where you can work without some form of manager watching you, no track, no work!

Remember, you run a business! It is not a hobby! Nothing is more frustrating than potential team members who intend to treat the business as an easy way to get cash.

Fact: Delivering 1000 leaflets in one day is hard, you can cover 20 miles, up hills, steps and driveways carrying weight. You have to deal with on the spot complaints and dogs. Need the loo? Tough, the nearest one could be five miles away (Android App - Toilets !:))

So, can you expect your team to deliver all day in every area ? Of course not and there are other factors to take into account:

As self employed you cannot enforce a 9-5 workday. What you can do is say:

Here is the area you can work in (the map)

The client requires this to be completed by ....

Can you do it?

They are within their rights to refuse the work as self employed but you are also within your rights to never offer them work again, but dont abuse this right otherwise you will end up with no workers.

Dont be harsh and insist that one person deliveries 1000 in one day (unless terraced), as a rule of thumb we advise our clients that 500 per day is an average per team member. This prevents "burn out" and also gives the team member an opportunity to arrange their own day and how they wish to proceed which is also their right as a self employed person.

For areas that you know to be hard and slow (normally wealthy areas with large detached homes), charge your clients more and pass on a bonus to your delivery team. If they know you are being fair then they will appreciate it.

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