Shared v Solus Deliveries

Shared Deliveries


Cheaper rates for your clients and more clients, but…..


You will need at least three (maximum four, non competing) leaflets to go out at the same time, to the same area, with the same amount and time scale. Unless you have contracts with supermarkets etc, will pay less and have more weight, but will supply you with x amount per month then how do you know how many you will have by delivery time?

Although it is possible to deliver two leaflets by having separate piles in one bag, anymore than this will mean collating your leaflets, I.e. say you have four clients, all have given you 1000 leaflets. You now have to take one from each pile, folding as you go so that it is easy to to take one "packet" out of your bag at a time consisting of all four leaflets. This will take between 2-3 hours. As most clients should require 5000+ then it could take a day, who pays for this?

The logical way is to place smaller items into larger items, so if you have a thin magazine or free newspaper to deliver, then you put any leaflets into it, making life easier for yourself, but then the householder may not want the larger item and simply put the lot into recycling without reading the inner leaflets. Your clients get no response, blames you and never deals with you again! Always fold so the items fall apart when they are posted!

Weight.. The average leaflet weighs less than 5g, walking with 1000 leaflets, 5000g/ 5kg/ 11.02lbs. So walking with four leaflets is 20,000g/ 20kg/ 44.08lbs! Taking into account that you may be delivering thicker leaflets (postcard thickness is around 10g), menus, thin magazines etc, the weight is a crucial factor. No longer can you carry all of your round in one go, therefore you either need a car to use as a base which you return to regularly to replenish (taking more time, unpaid for) or you simply do less delivering in a day.

Solus Delivery


Price per leaflet is higher, less clients.


Almost the same return as delivering three leaflets on a shared plan

One leaflet, no collating.

One client at a time

Personal service

Client has maximum potential for their leaflet to be read. In reality, this is not true. You may deliver the leaflet but then the postman calls and posts 4-5 pieces of unaddressed mail followed perhaps by another leaflet business doing a shared run, so another 3-4.

The only way of successfully carrying out a Solus delivery is to do it on a Sunday. The householder is probably at home, there are no postmen and only the leaflet businesses that take their clients needs seriously even consider this fact.

The other option is evenings or early mornings, but never on a weekday during working hours.

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