There are many networking opportunities, from your local chamber of commerce to networking clubs, normally called breakfast clubs. None are free but some offer a trial of your first time free or heavily discounted. Breakfast clubs always charge as you are eating.

Find a good networking club and the benefits can be enormous.

You are face to face with business owners, so immediately you have access to the decision maker or at least one of them.

Some clubs only allow one business per industry which has obvious benefits if there are no printers or delivery businesses attending.

Attend a few meetings and you can find that some business owners will only deal with other members of the networking club.

The Cons: It can be costly to join and attend all events Mess up once for any member and all of a sudden no one will deal with you.

How about networking with other leaflet distributors?

Call up any leaflet distribution businesses in your next town/ city. Check their website to make sure their area does not conflict with yours and get chatting to see if you can mutually help each other. We have a good working relationship with a few "colleagues" which works well.

The normal deal in these relationships is to offer you preferential rates, for instance you have a potential client who wants 20,000 leaflets out but only half are in your area. You call up your colleague who takes the other 10,000 off you and gets his team to deliver. You both charge the same, say £50 per 1000, he delivers them for you at £40 per 1000 so you make £10 per 1000 so £100 for passing him the business.

The potential client only pays or sees you, you pay your colleague

Cons: Trust is an issue here, there is nothing stopping your "colleague" from contacting the client direct (he has the leaflet with their contact details), he knows how much you are charging so could, in theory call your client and offer a better rate.

Maybe they do not run a tracking system (which is a serious issue as you would have told the client that you do)

So what is the best way to network with other people in the same business where all "are singing from the same song sheet"

Join Letterbox Pro

A network of leaflet distribution businesses, some established, some new start ups themselves. All have GPS tracking capabilities All using the same mapping and leaflet management software All offer detailed client reporting All follow the same rules of conduct Mentoring and advise regarding anything to do with the business



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