It doesn't have to be flashy but content is the key. The areas and postcodes you cover, your prices per area etc (although some sites like to try and pull people in with "send us your email and we will give you a quote" type things), Yes, your competitors are also seeing your prices and possibly going to try and undercut you, but you are offering a better service at the right price so let them.

Leaflet Delivery

Get some leaflets printed, A6 is best from our experience as they are easier for a potential client to stick on their cork board. Have a walk around town on a Sunday or an evening, do not walk into a busy shop in working hours and expect a decision maker to be available and even if you leave the leaflet with someone in the shop, you will probably find it goes in the bin before you reach the door. The trick is for your leaflet to be on the doormat when the shop opens in the morning as it is normally the decision maker who has the keys. Our tests have shown that more response is gained through normal letterboxes than businesses, why? The decision makers have to live somewhere so there is a chance of landing a leaflet on their, a friend or contentious workers doormat. In addition, the amount of home workers is increasing on a daily basis. Most tradesmen are home based, add to that gardeners, bookkeepers, mobile hairdressers etc there are. Have a flick through the yellow pages and you will surprised at how many business users do not need or cannot afford extortionate business rates for a shop. If you doing a shared leaflet drop, why not include your leaflet? Your delivery costs should be covered by the other leaflets so you are getting yours out for free.

Email Campaign

This is why websites collect your email address and if you fill out our contact form, so will we!. Verified email addresses from people interested in your business are worth their weight in gold. Collect them from every email, phone call and face to face meeting you have. Do not buy a list, no matter how verified the company selling them tells you they are. Have a good look at Mailchimp, you can send up to 2000 emails for free per month and will also send to your Facebook page and Twitter automatically if you wish. Do not send out newsletters unless you have something to say and never more than twice per month otherwise you will end up in peoples spam folder. There are a few rules that needs to be followed, for instance everyone you send an email to must be able to unsubscribe from your newsletter. Please do not try and send bulk emails through your own email client (outlook, livemail etc), you will be blacklisted, also as one of my suppliers realised, sending bulk email through outlook and pasting everyone's email address into the cc box showing everyone, including their competitors there entire email list is not a good idea :)

Face to Face

I have met 99% of our clients in person (every client in a 20 mile radius), meet everyone you can, arm yourself with knowledge of your business, maps and know your delivery teams status. If you offer more services than leaflet delivery, then make sure you are prepared for all questions. Does this mean trying to get out of the customer more than they require? Absolutely not, it is about making sure the client has everything they need, explain how they can track their deliveries, suggest other areas they may not have thought of and possibly save them money by you organising their print needs or other services you may offer. Every single client is on first name terms and has my mobile number which I answer up till 8pm, they know where I am and how to reach me if they have a question. It is all about the client and the relationship you build with them. Gain trust and you gain more business, simplezz :)

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