Before You Start

TIP: If a client gets no or very little response, they will blame you, the messenger, rather than the message. You only have one chance to get it right. Get it wrong and you not only lose the that client, but any further possible client friends and networking colleagues of theirs.

Imagine different scenarios, wether you have a client via email, telephone or in person, the questions will be the same.

"I want to put some leaflets out, where do you suggest?"

Ask which industry they are in! There is no point delivering a leaflet for a roofing company to a brand new estate or an estate agent to an area consisting of housing association or council properties.

Know your area, the types of houses etc!

"I want this area (or postcode), how many houses are there?"

You will be expected to know this information and speed is of the essence.

"How much do you charge?"

This is the million dollar question. Take the following factors into account:

Are you planning on doing the delivering yourself, around your own area


• Slower

• Confining, you cannot be in two places at once, limiting the amount of clients you can work for at any one time

• Normally used by people looking to earn a little extra.

• You cannot run a business, answer queries and do your own marketing if you are delivering.

• Unlikely to have mapping or insurance

• Limited to the amount of leaflets delivered per week


• Can bring in a steady income if a regular contract can be found

• You know the job is being done correctly

• Can be cheaper for the client as overheads are low

Manage your business and have a delivery team?


• Staffing issues


• Professional image

• You can get on with running your business

• Several areas/ clients can be dealt with at once

How long would 1000 leaflets take to deliver in that area?

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