Keeping Your Clients In House

Again, its decision time. Are you just a leaflet distribution business or do you help your clients to deliver to their (and your own) full potential.


A home based start-up has seen your leaflet and needs clients, what's next?

He will need a leaflet designing from scratch

He may want a Logo designed

He needs printing

He doesn't have a website

He only has basic home email

Every time a potential client deals with another business, you risk losing that client.

If you do not have the skill set required, outsource.

A lot (if not all) printers wether in town or online have some sort of design team they have in-house, some are better value than others. By this I do not mean cheap, I mean value, the quality, professionalism and turn around v cost involved.

The client will appreciate only having to deal with you rather than a range of businesses. Gets one invoice and one point of contact.

The first thing to do when you receive an interesting leaflet is check the website. Every business should have one. It validates who you are and what you do.

Look at a leaflet as a gateway to your website and always have the relevant information on the leaflet so customers can go straight to your site.

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