Distribution Planning

The Street Witness web-based software is both versatile and resourceful. Allowing you to use a starting postcode it will find all of the neighbouring postcodes within a given radius, including the number of households in this area, which can then be added to a planned distribution.

Once a planned distribution has been agreed you still have the option to add more postcodes. Through the ‘household and postcode planning’ page leaflet distribution companies are able to find all the adjacent postcodes within a 10 mile radius of a starting postcode. The results will also show the number of households within that area. The results can then be added to the planned distribution.

This useful tool can also allow users to manually add any postcode or use the map to find a location and add this postcode to the distribution. Alternatively, a polygon can be drawn around a specific area and the Leaflet Management Console software will automatically encompass all the postcodes/households within this area into the distribution.

Distribution Boundaries

This versatile software is designed to produce leaflet distribution lists in the most efficient way possible. Street Witness software helps leaflet distribution companies locate, plan and deliver their distributions using the most cost effective methods for their clients. Distributors can help their clients identify areas of interest through the use of postcodes to target their deliveries.

The software can also be used to refine searches even further by suggesting other postcodes within a very close proximity, or eliminating postcodes that are not relevant to certain distributions. The system will calculate how many houses it would reach, making it easier for leaflet distribution companies to quote accordingly. The Leaflet Management Console can also be searched using a place name, even if the postcode is not known. The system will then display the relevant postcodes within that area.



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