Real-Time GPS

Street Witness provides up-to-the-minute tracking of leaflet distribution. Using the GPS tracker the distributor’s location is sent in real time and our easy-to-use web-based software provides complete visibility, allowing you to track your leaflet distribution from start to finish.

The Street Witness tracker is a cost effective solution to managing your leaflet distribution. When integrated with our web based application you get that instant "Back Check" and your customers have the added piece of mind that the delivery of the leaflets has been completed.

The system also allows you and your customers to easily check the progress of each distribution in real-time offering complete transparency of the delivery.

The Leaflet Management Console refreshes continuously and shows the trackers status providing an account of the delivery as it happens, so you can keep updated with the location of your staff and the time deliveries take place.

The Street Witness GPS trackers are efficient, reliable and are equipped with sensors to detect if the back has been removed or whether the device has been tampered with. This means you can have complete confidence that the information received is accurate and that distributors are working to your requirements.

GPS Reports

To ensure complete coverage and consistent communication the devices use MultiNet SIMs, which find the strongest mobile network available and send the Street Witness GPS trackers location to our servers in real time. In the event of coverage not being available the Street Witness GPS tracker will log the locations and send as soon as a mobile network connection is made.

Battery life is paramount while on the move and so the devices have battery indication via voice as well as a red flashing LED to indicate the battery is running low.

The trackers are easily charged via a USB port and will be fully charged within a few hours. The trackers can also receive calls and if required make calls to a designated number.

Street Witness is perfect for leaflet companies who want to prove they complete each and every distribution. Your customers will be able to run reports, design bespoke marketing campaigns and watch live distributions anywhere anytime.



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