National Distribution

For the last 3 years we have been working with leaflet distribution companies across the whole of the UK to offer a national leaflet distribution and print network.

We want to offer our leaflet network partners the ability to visualise the areas they currently have leaflet distributions and areas where leaflet distributions are required to ensure each job is cost effective. Also, if they wish the option to grow their business by being able to benefit from the additional tools our software offers (Demographics, Heat Mapping, Direct Mailing) and to expand to areas outside of their normal remit.

This relationship allows our software to build National, Regional and Local campaigns and if required target the distribution. Then compare the distribution against distribution partners to find the best match and offer several quotes.

This allows for the centralisation of leaflet distribution campaigns and offers complete transparency by offering the ability to view any leaflet campaigns progress at any time as well as benefit from online ROI and Management tools.

Using our software our leaflet distribution partners will provide real-time tamper proof GPS tracking, distribution planning, household counts and customer completion reports.

Distribution Boundaries

To ensure leaflets are reaching the desired market you need to have confidence that the right postcodes are being targeted. We have developed our software to ensure leaflets are being distributed to the people that fit your customer’s target market.

Our software has a built-in facility to search the latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Census data and match it to your specific demographic. The system will return a report detailing which postcodes best match your requirements

By using your existing sales data we can view detailed characteristics of your customers and determine where they live, their gender, whether they are a home owner, their age, marital status etc. From this information you will be able to ascertain where you should be targeting your leaflet distributions. This valuable information can mean the difference between a successful leaflet distributionand an ineffective one.



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